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Earlier man felt in harmony with his surroundings, nature and art. Gradually the concept has arisen, that art is something, which does not necessarily belong to everyday life, but is added to it as a kind of luxury or embellishment.

We cannot stop evolution for better or for worse, but we have to try to achieve harmony between ourselves and nature. Even though one may never get a perfect balance in human nature, we can try to preserve nature since we cannot live without it.

This is really what my work is all about, using clay as a basis and creating the forms, I am aware of the magic and mysteries of nature, which are both inherent in mankind. It teaches me that evil is connected with human actions in response to society, and is not in the individual himself, but in the whole of humanity.

My work is mostly a reflection of my emotions. I prefer to work on each piece without a preconceived plan, and let my impulses dictate the final form, imagery and expression of the piece. I believe in harmony between nature, mankind and universal order. Art is not a science, but man's spiritual manifestation.